Yak Tears


Yak Tear Haircare manufactures a line of haircare products that incorporate imported Tibetan yak tears.

These products include:

  • Yak Tear Hairspray
  • Yak Tear Shampoo
  • Yak Tear Conditioner
  • Yak Tear Styling Gel
  • Yak Tear Styling Mousse
  • Yak Tear Coated Combs
  • Yak Tear Gin

Each of these products is produced in different scents, some of which are limited edition. These include:

  • Unscented (Full Yak Tear Experience)
  • Watermelon+Butter
  • Grape+Oatmeal
  • Hamster (Discontinued)

Indulge in YAK TEAR!

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