Women are basically 'womb-men' i.e. human men with a womb.

They have chosen to have a life with an inverted glans-penis inside their bodies instead of on the outside and larger breasts so as to facilitate life and provide more nourishment for the young.

A woman needs every possible object that is (or ever was) produced by the earth or by nature or man - and all of the time. They often will partner up with a 'man' who is a good source of these things and particularly one who can make them laugh continuously and at almost anything at all , which is a great distraction and comfort for them as it assists overcoming the deep sacrifice they can feel for just being a woman.

Women are usually a lot more female and delicate although some opt out of this altogether, feeling it leaves them too vulnerable and become mud wrestlers or politicians.

Women are also known to never fart under any circumstance whatsoever. Years of painstaking ultrasound research has shown, however, that this is not true and does actually occur, very rarely, when they are seated in limousine cars adjacent to other women.

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