Voodoo is the national sport of Australia. Although rarely played in other coutries, voodoo remains popular in Australia since its invention in 1853. A brief outline of the rules can be found here (copied from voodooaustralia.com);

  • 15 players to a team, no more than 4 players in field of play at any time
  • At no time must there be an even number of players per team in field of play
  • If the cucabura is in the gumdrop tree, the hoopalo stick may not be used, except in the use of retrieving the other teams cucabura
  • Whenever the Hoopalo stick is employed, both sides must always be used. If this does not happen, a shanty is sung, and a decision is made whether to downgrade the hoopalo stick into a hullabo (based on the shanty)
  • No more than 53 cucaburas per team - if this is exceeded, the score is reset
  • Players must not come into contact with the ground
  • In the event of injury of 12 players, the remaining time is set to only 1 hour
  • 2 wallabies per echidna, except where the wallabies are reversed, making it 5 (per team)
  • 8 echidnas is worth 100 voodoos
  • No team at any time may touch or throw the cucabura
  • If the field of play is tipped (at 3pm), play stops and resumes only after a jack or higher picture card is played
  • No standing still for more than 5 seconds
  • 8 voodoos for shots outside the ring
  • Shouting is prohibited unless necessary
  • Roller skates are permitted, but points will be halved for any player wearing them
  • No ducking, bombing, or heavy petting.

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