Tom and Jerry


The popular cartoon series Tom and Jerry, was based on a now classic interview of Thomas 'Hit Man' Hearnes by Geraldo Rivera.

During the interview, Hearns started loudly repeating his catchphrase "protect your nose". Geraldo was at the time very sensitive about his large nose, and snapped, culminating in a 15 minute chase around the studio with Rivera wielding a large saucepan.
The fracas ended when the cheeky seven-time world champion boxer scurried into a hole, away from Geraldo's groping hands.

Before being translated into celluloid, Tom and Jerry was a popular radio show. Many fans were therefore dissapointed upon the first cartoon broadcast; because of the lack of dialogue, many had no idea that Tom and Jerry were a cat and mouse duo, or even that they were called Tom and Jerry. In fact, many people failed to grasp the link altogether, making for a dissapointing first seasons ratings.

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