Phobias are a well known mental health issue, whereby the affected person is completely petrified or ridiculous things that could never possibly harm them.
Here is a list of some of the more absurd phobias:

  • Plutocrataphobia - The completely unsubstantiated fear of ones arm tearing from the shoulder after a vigourous throw.
  • Smoutlophobia - The quite simply paranoid notion that dogs and cats can hear human thoughts, and are plotting to kill you.
  • Intiminaphobia - The nagging sensation that you've missed your train stop, it's getting late, and you're rapidly speeding away from where you're supposed to be.
  • Twikiphobia - The irrevocably unfounded fear that every portrait has eye-holes cut out, and that someone is behind them spying on you.
  • Mungophobia - The fear that the receipts you just chucked away were concealing a folded £5 note - and do you really want to go back and start digging in a public bin?
  • Tropophobia - The pretty much justified fear that whatever angle you choose to aim into the urinal, a large proportion of urine will spray directly back at you.

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