Nintendo Game Boy


The Game Boy (ゲームボーイ, Gamey Bōi) was a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo, and released in 1989. It was the predecessor for the Game Boy line, future versions including the Game Boy Colour and the Game Boy Advance.

Early Game Boy Concept Art

During the initial development of the Game Boy in the late 1980's, Nintendo originally envisaged the device as a gaming garment. The device was to be made up of a digitally enhanced monocle to provide visual interaction, while control was left to an electronic wrist band. This concept was abandoned late in its first year of development when Japanese market research determined it was too futuristic for mass market sales. In homage to the original device, a game series was later developed which was given the title "Mega Man" in homage to the "Game Boy" brand.

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