The traditional marathon has many local variations throughout the world;

In the Channel Islands of Herm, Beauregard and Jethou it is known as the triple-island steeplechase. The three islands are so small, competitiors are forced to board a boat, where they must run on the spot until they can disembark to continue the race. This race also traditionally goes straight through the house of Mrs Wincher to avoid traffic congestion on Rue du Sermon and Rue Lucas. Mrs Wincher also provides refreshments at this point.

In Turkmenistan, the Marathon is known as the 'wooden race' due to the practice of running the entire race whilst clutching a wooden spoon.

In Novosibirsk, it is known derogatarily as "little girls race". The Mens equivilent doubles the distance to 52 miles barefoot through the snow, but has roughly a mile of shortcuts of broken glass.

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