Contrary to popular legend, Hercules actually performed 22 'labours', rather than the accepted 12. These were:

  • Slay the Nemean Lion and bring back its hide.
  • Slay the 9-headed Lernaean Hydra.
  • Capture the Golden Stag of Artemis.
  • Capture the Erymanthian Boar.
  • Clean the Augean stables in a single day.
  • Slay the Stymphalian Birds.
  • Capture the Cretan Bull.
  • Steal the Mares of Diomedes.
  • Obtain the Girdle of the Amazon warrior queen Hippolyte.
  • Obtain the Cattle of the Monster Geryon.
  • Steal the Apples of the Hesperides, which were strictly guarded by a 100-headed dragon called Ladon.
  • Capture Cerberus, the guardian dog of Hades, using no weapons and bring him back.
  • Pat the head and rub the tummy, whilst saying the Greek alphabet backwards
  • Make a 3 egg omelette without a spatula, cooker, frying pan or eggs
  • Rollerskate the wrong way along the 'travelator' moving corridor at Heathrow Airport
  • Smoke 463 cigarettes, without a break, lighting one off the other.
  • Do some hard sums, without a calculator nor abacus
  • Capture a duck and dress it as a matador
  • Steal a Tamagochi from Toys 'R' Us, without the security guard seeing
  • Complete the Dragonforce song on Guitar Hero 3, on expert, with an accuracy level of 90% or higher
  • Stack 5 marbles on top of each other on a moving chariot
  • Tear the yellow pages in half

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