Golf (pronounced 'Gf', with a silent 'ol') is a sport of ancient tradition. The first known record of golfing was as early as 150bc, and is even mentioned in the bible (Luke 3:15). Very early golf balls were believed to be made from the skin of the elderly.

Like many modern sports, it was created in an evolution of day to day tasks. In the case of Golf, the making of bread was the starting point.

An interesting point to note is that it was originally a women's only sport, yet in recent times has changed to a male dominated activity. It is even legal in many countries to shoot any women spotted alone on a golf course.

The ancient Welsh sport 'Golluf' has next-to-nothing in common with Golf, except in having a similar name. Its projectiles are sausage-shaped, it takes place mainly in slate quarries, and its main objective seems to be to impregnate several hundred women in one sitting. It has also been officially designated as a bloodsport since 1649.

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