Gaz Top


Gareth Jones, aka ex-childrens television presenter Gaz Top, is most famous for being the first man to get pregnant. The fact first came to light on a late night celeb talk show on "Five" hosted by Terry Wogan. The rampant Bi-Sexual Top had been seeing ex-Tomorrows World presenter Howard Stableford for some time, behind his wife Violet Berlin's back. Top's jealous ex-mistress Yvette Fielding was drunk on Wogan's show and blurted out that Stableford was known to try and get men pregnant to prove a theory on male pregnancy that he developed whilst presenting Tomorrows World and he had finally succeeded with Top. Top's best friend and daughter of Wogan, Gabby Roslin, phoned up under the false name of Lady Margret for reasons unknown and tried to defend Top live on the show but it was no use as the next evening Top and Stableford held a press conference to say that they would be having the baby and would be entering into a threesome marriage along with Berlin. This was in 2004 and as with all male pregnancies so far, the baby remains unborn. The theory is that male pregnancies will last five years but as yet this is unproven.

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