Garden Masters


Gardenmasters are the product of millenia of evolution of plantlife. They appear humanoid in nature, but in fact their biology is far more akin to plants in cell structure and reproduction. Little is known about them, as they tend to be secretive, spending most of their time in artificial environments known as gardens, or "plant towns" where they cultivate less aware members of the plant species to canabalise.
Wild gardenmasters are rare and unruly. They have been sighted performing such phenomena as "spore raping" (blowing pollen over a large number of people - possibly confused as to their species), massacaring vegetation etc. The only known way to destroy them is to sever them in two at the base of the trunk.
Gardenmasters bleed chlorophyl.

Gardenmasters in Popular culture

Perhaps the most well known Gardenmaster is the nightmarish Alan Titchmarsh, who is known to cavort almost pornographically among his clorophyllic compatriots during daytime TV no-less under the guise of "gardening".

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