Bee Gees


Maurice Gibb of the popular disco band the Bee Gees died aged 53. He passed away towards midnight, January 12th 2003 after suffering from a fever.

The computer animated feature film 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' was shelved after this bombshell, and had to be carefully re-edited with conversational recordings to complete the script. Incidentally, the scene where Alvin has an argument with a Chrysler car dealership was taken directly from these tapes.

The Bee Gees take their name from a famous unich named Brian Goswell, who famously slayed a particularly savage goose, saving Christmas.

Their most popular hit, 'I's a pumpin' Ma' was one of their earliest, but due to few sales outside of Belgrade, it is generally not considered one of their hits. There are 12 copies of this single for every man woman and child in Belgrade, where the tapes are considered sacred.

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