Animal Noises


Many countries throughout the world hear animal noises in a manner which our untainted English-hearing ears find distressing. Here are some of the sinister observations, categorised by animal.

Russia - Blish Blish
Denmark - Yakult
France - pip-pop
Tunisia - Yam Yam
Germany - Hinkel dien ubermench
Finland - Ououououououououououou

Egypt - Petain
Japan - Katomatsu-desi
Hungary - Hweeeeeeeh
Tunisia - Yam Yam
Germany - Masten Einer
France - Pim-pam

France - A la Trumpeté
Hungary - Pamphalon
Tunisia - Yam Yam
Germany - Sodium Phosphate

Romania - Flavlav
Spain - Orguoy
Belgium - Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp Tamp
Germany - Pikel pikel
France - Plip-plop
Luxembourg - Gavel Gavel

Norway - Ho ho ho
India - luou
Spain - Heeeeeeeeeeeeem
China - ni

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