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What are facts?

Facts are all around us. You can't see them, but they are there. There! There's one!

Now you need never clutch desperately at the facts only to see them slip from your feeble grasp, as we have trapped all the choicest, most interesting facts from around the world in an Inter-net.

And please remember, this site is freely editable. Feel free to add any facts that you think would be of benefit.

What the hell is this place? Why are you guys lying to me?

No, no, no. Everything on this site is 100% true. It just seems incredible because they are such amazing facts. Seriously. It's all freely editable, so you can add your own facts if you want - just scroll down that box on the left there and type the name of the fact you want to add. It's easy.

I don't want to add a fact.

Well you have to. We have your IP address you know.

Ok, I've decided that this place is cool. Can I hang with you guys?

Sure, there's a link to the forum down there. Ask us whatever the hell you like, we check it like, every day.

I'm still stuck - I don't know how to view facts

IDIOT! Simply use the search box at the top right. Regular visitors have probably already figured out the 'view recent facts' bit, or have added it to their Google homepage.


Praise for this site

At last, a real alternative to wikipedia
Phil Chett

We have to set this as the default homepage for Internet Explorer.
Bill Gates

Actually one of the all time great web sites
Chris McDonald

I like it so much, I'm about to put my name on it.
George Fat-Reducin' Foreman

I've never met a girl like you before.
Edwyn Collins

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